Frequently Asked Questions

How do the bracelet closures work, and are they secure? 

All my clasps contain rare earth magnets, and feature automatic safeties, so they can't just be pulled apart. A twisting motion releases the safety, then you can pull. On my wider double clasps, press down on the safety to release the magnets. 

Are all your designs copyrighted? 

Yes, indeed. The magnetic clasp is on file at the Library of Congress.

How do I order a bracelet to fit? 

Simply include your true wrist size in inches, and I'll do the rest. Usually I make them so there's room for your wrist to roll, but if you want some drape, just let me know. If you're doing a surprise gift thing, just present as is, and we can figure out the rest later. Easy.

Are those real gems and pearls? 

Yes, I source the best, doing my annual trip to the Tucson Gem Show. If you're hunting for something specific, and don't see it, holler. Chances are, I can find it.
What are the gems/pearls strung on? Multi strand stainless steel, vinyl coated cable. They will not stretch. 

Can I wear it with jeans?

Yes, absolutely. Or a cocktail dress. Camo. Jammies.

What the heck are those necklace cords made of, and what lengths do they come in? 

Italian white brass mesh over a leather core, with sterling lobster and 1 1/2 inch chain for adjusting length. Lengths are 15, 16, 17 and 18, with that 1 1/2 " extra. So you have options.

What about shipping? 

I ship USPS Priority Insured to the US and Canada for a mere $15.

What if I want to return a piece? 

30 day returns only, please. 

Can I buy just the clasp? 

No ma'am/sir.

More questions? 

Please don't hesitate to contact me. I may be in the back of beyond, so please be patient, I will get back to you.